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january 06

this ass has three tales

Chicago's Mark Benson is a drummer, designer and painter. He plays with Lying in States, whose new record Wildfire on the Lake will appear on Flameshovel in February.

curator log:

This Ass Has Three Tales

february 14th, 2006

Tale 1: Pink Slits’ Whinny
Tale 2: Two Brits at Breakfast
Tale 3: The Athlete (No Offense)

Tale 3 features RM5 on backing vocals and keyboard.


january 31st, 2006

so i finished pretty much right when i said i was gonna, 12 am this morning. casey meehan of rm5 came through in the clutch and helped like a teacher’s pet to get it finished… and so he could hit the hay as well. he’s got the Reason and Pro-Tools skills, and was not shy at showing off neither. i guess it’s pay-off for all the posters i’ve done for his band, but i still owe him a 6-pack of yoo-hoos (or perrier… depending on what shirt he’s wearing.).

let me preface this piece with this: it is basically a drummer trying to be a musician. i have always laughed har-har-ly at drummer jokes, but now that i’ve given the ol’ music w/o live drums thing a go… i believe those jokes to be more snippets of the truth than anything else. at one point last night when we were finalizing and bouncing, i said about the music, “this makes no sense”.. to which casey said “ya sure? you’re just realizing this?”

all that said, i find it fitting that it’s titled “this ass has three tales”. you’ll see what i mean.

so close to this ass

january 30th, 2006

this ass has several tales. that’s the working title right now.

soo.. got about 12 hours before this dealy’s gotta be finished. no worries, no worries. i’ve enlisted the help of rm5 and the shit be JUMPIN now! but they’re only on the last 3 minutes… but are they the best 3 minutes? who knows? i know, but i don’t want to say anything (cause the first 7 minutes are rad and fairly wierd. maybe unfairly wierd. but bizarre to be sure.).
i will be posting some photos of the recording sesh this week. if i could do it right now, you might have a little understanding of how this piece is gonna pan out.


well, i finally did it.

january 17th, 2006

i started. going well so far. the sounds… sound good. ten minutes! we’ll see.

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