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october 05

worst case scenario

New Haven, CT's Jane Yakowitz plays violin in the One A.M. Radio and has performed with the Yale Bach Society and the Tucson Philharmonia. A photographer, she keeps a photoblog and is studying public service, consumer protection and women's rights advocacy at Yale Law School.

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The Deal, the Thank Yous

october 29th, 2005

So here’s my music. This is the first time I’ve made this much music. I was working under a few constraints, some self-imposed, some not. First of all, I wanted to force myself to write something upbeat because with my instrumentation (violins, saws, etc) I knew I’d be tempted to fill the 10 minutes with slow music. I wanted to work against that instinct. Also, my poor little computer tried as hard as it could, but it was too slow to record more than 20 seconds of music at a time. So everything you hear is loop-based.

Thanks for everything, John, Kathleen, Hrishikesh, Alfred, and Josh from Tense Forms.

In the course of making this, I ripped off the Smiths, Daedelus, and the One AM Radio. I also tried to rip off the theme to Rosemary’s Baby, but it didn’t work out.

Not a snapshot

october 28th, 2005

I’ve just finished my 10 minutes of music. I’m actually not positive that it’s 10 minutes. I think it might be longer, but it’s close. Feel free to edit it down yourself by fast forwarding through the repetitive parts.

I still have to do some final mixing, and then I’ll send it off to Josh for posting. (Thanks Josh!)

This photo shows me and my recording area. I know I look like I wasn’t expecting to have my picture taken, but that’s all fake. I set up the camera and pressed the automatic timer and everything, so I’m just pretending that I’m dazed and out of it.

My Car in Fall

october 26th, 2005

Battered Bush

october 26th, 2005


october 26th, 2005

Leaves on My Street

october 26th, 2005

Cigarettes Outside a Club

october 26th, 2005

New Haven: Weedy Hill

october 21st, 2005

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