muted tones

volume one

Seven curators, seven months, seventy minutes of music. Each month is assigned to a curator, asked to fill ten minutes with the sounds of their choosing. They are invited to keep a log of their work here, as they create it. At the end of the month, their ten minute piece of music is made available for streaming or download.

Volume one began in September 2002 and ended March 2003. You are welcome to explore our other volumes using the numbered links in the top left corner, or learn more about Muted Tones here.

Joshua Dumas has organized this project and Mike Piontek has coded and designed this website.

real quick i’d like to thank all of the impossibly generous musicians who have signed onto this little experiment, as well as Mike for putting in crazy amounts of time building this site…..

so, Muted Tones is a real simple idea that i hope will have all sorts of cool results— provide a forum for these folks to fill with sound; provide a forum for them to fill with words (about their sounds or about whatever else)….. i trust and respect all the contributors and mosty i’m curious:
about what they’ll make…
about what they’ll say…
about how it’ll all hang together…
about the internet as a venue for this kind of thing…
etc, etc.

so, these curators will be posting their audio contribution at the beginning of the month assigned to them; and they have been encouraged to post thoughts, notes, etc. through-out….
you all are encouraged to dialog/comment on all this via the links at the bottom of each entry….
so, we’ll see what happens…..

talk to you soon,

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