muted tones

march 03

blind obedience to a blundering oracle

March's curator is Boston's TW Walsh: prolific songwriter, talented arranger, with full-lengths on Made in Mexico, Truckstop and a new EP on My Pal God.

curator log:

in the can

february 27th, 2003

this past sunday we got together at the makeshift recording complex and played for about two hours. out of the seven pieces we recorded, i chose one to edit and mix down. i sent it out to josh this morning.

here are the details:
jason thomas cammarata - bass guitar, percussion
david michael curry - viola, toy violin, bowed cymbal, piano, singing saw
michael josef k - drum kit, saxophone, recorder, percussion
brian michael roff - banjo, electric guitar, recorder, percussion
timothy william walsh - electric guitar, recording, editing

hopefully it will be up in a few days. thanks for listening.


february 20th, 2003

the demolition has been arranged. the absence of this sound will be destroyed at 9:00 AM Feb 23 2003. the location is the MAKESHIFT sonic temple in jamaica plain, subsidiary of the COMMONWEALTH of massachusetts.

liutenant bm roff
longshoreman mk
captain jt cammarata
stowaway t william
unknown soldier dmc

f. this s.

february 13th, 2003

making music is hard! i’ve literally got several hours worth of recorded music from days of old that i could compile into a piece such as this, but i want to do something special and new. the pressure of “delivering” something interesting has kind of given me writer’s block, so i’m enlisting some help. i’ve invited a few friends to join me in some improvisation. the idea is just to get together, have a good time and edit it down. hopefully we can make it work. there’s plenty of contingency planning going on as well…


february 12th, 2003

i did a little work on my piece the other night. it involved recording the audio from “joe millionaire” with my iBook microphone, processing it, and playing acoustic guitar over it. i then added a changing drum machine beat over it. the results were really bad.

i almost forgot

february 06th, 2003

hello all. i just received a friendly note from josh reminding me that it’s my turn to kick some muted tones. i’m glad he contacted me now. every few weeks i remember about my involvement in the project, but i hadn’t thought of it lately.

as for the nature of my project, i’ve decided to create my piece entirely with my ibook. i will use some instruments, of course, but as far as the recording, processing and mixing, i’ll only use the built-in ibook microphone and some software.

i had thought about copping out and using some old recordings of songs of mine, but that would be lame. so i’ll do this. we’ll see how it goes…

thanks for reading!

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