muted tones

march 03

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f. this s.

february 13th, 2003

making music is hard! i’ve literally got several hours worth of recorded music from days of old that i could compile into a piece such as this, but i want to do something special and new. the pressure of “delivering” something interesting has kind of given me writer’s block, so i’m enlisting some help. i’ve invited a few friends to join me in some improvisation. the idea is just to get together, have a good time and edit it down. hopefully we can make it work. there’s plenty of contingency planning going on as well…


K from Tech Support

february 17th, 2003

when & where

technician t.william

february 18th, 2003

sunday morning. i will be on the pickup tip. 9:00?

the dirty data miner

february 19th, 2003

just fine. i will dig deep into the ether for strange sounds, but let me know if there is some particular "shovel of sound" you would like me to use.


april 05th, 2004

Could you make a shovel sound of diggin in poO?

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