muted tones

november 02

balboa park

November's curator is Alison Chesley: a Chicago cellist, whose graceful lines have marked the work of Odditorium, Poi Dog Pondering, 8fatfat8, Verbow and Alvis.

curator log:

Balboa Park

october 31st, 2002

Balboa Park was recorded live to one track on a roland portastudio at Lakewood & Bryn Mawr, at 2am on October 25, 2002.


october 29th, 2002

I’m lame…haven’t posted anything about the piece that I’ve done on the website until now. I’m always afraid to talk about something until it’s finished. Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing feedback from people about my piece. And hoping it’s just the beginning of writing more music for just me and my cello.

And I’m really honored to be on a site with such talented people. Thanks for the opportunity, Josh.


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