muted tones

november 02

this entry is from november 02. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work.

Balboa Park

october 31st, 2002

Balboa Park was recorded live to one track on a roland portastudio at Lakewood & Bryn Mawr, at 2am on October 25, 2002.



november 01st, 2002

I can't think of anything more beautiful to listen to on a thoughtful winter day; maybe standing out on a chilly pier and wondering how the birds stay warm.


february 07th, 2004

WOW! I just found out about this site today from metafilter and I'm blown away by this piece. I especially like the first four minutes, they are haunting.

The beauty seriously makes me tear up.

One question, are all those sounds made by a cello? I'm not familiar with the instrument but I'm amazed at the range, sometimes it sounds aspirated like a wood instrument, sometimes it even has a vocal quality to it. amazing.

Thanks for this.


october 01st, 2005

dust and cold warmth before me
soaring through sadness frozen
calling echoes only echoes
remembering glows slowly fading

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