muted tones

march 03

this entry is from march 03. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work.

i almost forgot

february 06th, 2003

hello all. i just received a friendly note from josh reminding me that it’s my turn to kick some muted tones. i’m glad he contacted me now. every few weeks i remember about my involvement in the project, but i hadn’t thought of it lately.

as for the nature of my project, i’ve decided to create my piece entirely with my ibook. i will use some instruments, of course, but as far as the recording, processing and mixing, i’ll only use the built-in ibook microphone and some software.

i had thought about copping out and using some old recordings of songs of mine, but that would be lame. so i’ll do this. we’ll see how it goes…

thanks for reading!


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