muted tones

january 06

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january 31st, 2006

so i finished pretty much right when i said i was gonna, 12 am this morning. casey meehan of rm5 came through in the clutch and helped like a teacher’s pet to get it finished… and so he could hit the hay as well. he’s got the Reason and Pro-Tools skills, and was not shy at showing off neither. i guess it’s pay-off for all the posters i’ve done for his band, but i still owe him a 6-pack of yoo-hoos (or perrier… depending on what shirt he’s wearing.).

let me preface this piece with this: it is basically a drummer trying to be a musician. i have always laughed har-har-ly at drummer jokes, but now that i’ve given the ol’ music w/o live drums thing a go… i believe those jokes to be more snippets of the truth than anything else. at one point last night when we were finalizing and bouncing, i said about the music, “this makes no sense”.. to which casey said “ya sure? you’re just realizing this?”

all that said, i find it fitting that it’s titled “this ass has three tales”. you’ll see what i mean.


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