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january 06

this entry is from january 06. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work if it's available.

This Ass Has Three Tales

february 14th, 2006

Tale 1: Pink Slits’ Whinny
Tale 2: Two Brits at Breakfast
Tale 3: The Athlete (No Offense)

Tale 3 features RM5 on backing vocals and keyboard.



february 01st, 2006



february 01st, 2006



february 02nd, 2006

RM5 was very pleased to work with Mr. Benson on this piece. RM5 must admit that RM5 was pretty nervous at the onset of this recording. Once RM5 got past Benson’s whole ego trip (yes, what you’ve heard in the media is true), true creativity emerged. (Twelve beers helped. L.) This is a piece that the whole world should listen to and learn from.

brit person

february 02nd, 2006

something is now leaking from my ass.

Régis Souto

february 03rd, 2006

fantastic! I’d love the december edition! congrulations!

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