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Tense Forms is a community of working artists, musicians, activists, writers, actors, crafters, friends dedicated to producing and manufacturing new lovely art and helping that art find its largest audience.


Muted Tones

A Tense Forms sound and music series, with ten minutes of free new music every month from September to March, created by artists from across North America. Now in its forth volume!

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Volume Two
September 2003
Alicia Frantz / Loop 31

October 2003
Craig Fraid Dunsmuir / Somethings

November 2003
Paula Spurr / Spacious Place

December 2003
Aaron Coleman / Icicles on Eyelashes

January 2004
Anthony Burton / Nachträglichkeit

Febraury 2004
Amy Domingues / Portals

March 2004
Brian Michael Roff / Progress Comes Clean (in Seven Parts)

Volume One
September 2002
Andy Wagner / C'est Tout Bruit

October 2002
Sarah Renee Bertsch / Today We are Cartographers

November 2002
Alison Chesley / Balboa Park

December 2002
Tom Gillis / Theme Music for a Space Platypus and July 17, 2002

January 2003
Allison Stanley / Cottages

February 2003
Jonny Dovercourt / the Frankfurt School

March 2003
TW Walsh / Blind Obedience to a
Blundering Oracle