About Us

Tense Forms is a community of working artists, musicians, activists, writers, actors, crafters, friends dedicated to producing and manufacturing new lovely art and helping that art find its largest audience.



Tense Forms is done.

Thank you for all of your support over these past years. Please feel free to browse our past projects.

We also would like to acknowledge everyone who contributed their time and creativity to our collective: Mike Piontek, Joshua Dumas, Sarah Renee Bertsch, Craig Blakeman, Elizabeth Boyne, Kirk Bravender, Domenico Ferri, Susie Harkins, VJ Hyde, Nora McComiskey, Casey Meehan, Jaime Roche, Allison Stanley, Andy Wagner

We’re less tense, and now formless, but we’re still real busy making things. We hope to see you around.