About Us

Tense Forms is a community of working artists, musicians, activists, writers, actors, crafters, friends dedicated to producing and manufacturing new lovely art and helping that art find its largest audience. The work is marked by its quality, its attention to craft, its depth, its energy, its humanity, its commitment to risk and its respect for its audience. As a collective, Tense Forms will, in structure and practice, be a non-traditional organization, marked by a sense of trust and love and grace and fun and reverence. By pooling the energy and resources of its local and extended community, Tense Forms intends to create a low cost, high quality, loving media empire, which sustains both itself and its artists.

The flowers are watered and the weeds are plucked by Andy Wagner, Casey Meehan, Craig Blakeman, Joshua Dumas, Kirk Bravender, Mike Piontek, Nora McComiskey, and Susie Harkins. Allison Stanley, Domenic Ferri, Jaime Roche, Renee Bertsch, and VJ Hyde helped us plant seeds.