About Us

Tense Forms is a community of working artists, musicians, activists, writers, actors, crafters, friends dedicated to producing and manufacturing new lovely art and helping that art find its largest audience.



Here are a few other sites that are worth a look.

Gapers Block
Keeping pulse on everything that's very cool and good in the Chicago arts, music, culture, food, and etcetera scene.

Scary Bodega Productions
Crayon werewolves, samba licks, reverb vampire pop songs with devastating beats, courtesy of Chicago's Chris Fuller.

High School Champion Records
Bringing Toronto's finest punk and weirdo-pop to the world!

Including the personal web logs of Tense Forms founders Renee, Josh, and Mike.

Invisible City Productions
A collective of artists, writers, game designers, and zine editors, who provide this as a space for the creators of secret media to come together and touch antennae.

Friction Magazine
Politics, culture, art, writing, and fierce bull-fighting action.

Quiet Errors
A catalog of the projects that Tense Forms founder Joshua Dumas is involved in.

Mike Piontek
The personal site of Tense Forms web site designer and developer Mike Piontek.