Tense Radio

Tune in to Tense Radio now by clicking the image above. You'll need Macromedia Flash Player 6 in order for everything to work properly.

Tense Radio is an easy way to check out the music we have to offer. it loads quickly and sounds great even on slower dial-up connections.

If you hear something you like, we invite you to click the DOWNLOAD button to save a high-quality MP3 to your computer, or click the BUY CD button to get the full disc from the Tense Forms store.

Listening Tips

If you have a broadband internet connection, click the HI-FI button in the top-left corner. The HI-FI versions are near-CD quality.

Tense Radio will automatically adjust itself to improve performance for your connection speed. However, if the audio cuts out often, you may want to minimize other web browsing or downloading.