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december 06


Danny DeMaggio is a bassist, vocalist, and messmaker from Detroit, MI, who plays in the Water Thieves.

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december 12th, 2006

:::..Bible Entry..:::
So Jon won’t update the Blog like I asked him to.
I think he’s not interested- or he’s pissed that his name isn’t on the title.

Jesus…. Its not like we can all be ‘GOD.’ (get it?)
We never practice anymore, the last show we played was a little shaky.
We have two shows coming up but we might skip’em.

I’m (Danny DeMaggio) flying to California to consider living and working there.
I want to teach motion graphics.

For the sake of consistency, I should mention that the picture of the three birds on the last entry was made by someone named “Jean.” I did not make that- but it is in Jon’s house.

The above sketch is my intended curriculum should I be allowed to teach at one of the CCA campuses I plan to visit.

Musically- two nights ago I’ve been running my keyboard through an amp and fluxuating the mini-presets to create a more engaging drum machine.——BUT THAT SHIT IS GETTING PLAYED OUT.

I’ve been creating a cloud of feedback in my room and it is very enjoyable to here the echo-back at guests as they enter my room-
there own spoken words become deep sounding- a surprise which has never failed to sit them down in my chair and stick their faces into the “crotch of my laptop” and start murmuring gibberish.

I KID YOU NOT!- all ages of men and women have discovered the fixating satisfaction of this little exercise.

(REVERSE WAR-coming next)

What are Thieves?

december 09th, 2006


Well this IS a cozy home, I sense a densly made-up hand of fat atoms congregating together. Afterall, that’s what makes up a hand, right?

and everyother thing you come across…
{If you are reading this it means you’re at least: associated.}

My old-man is a little slow sometimes
so he starts to tell me something: “hey… what’s goin’ on…(?)”
I interrupt him, “Dimensions,” I say, “they are all around us!”
It’s my little advertisement for the today\‘s broadcast.
The voice over is Buckminster Fuller.
(paraphrased): That most people don’t know the meaning of the word ‘synergry,’ reveals that most people don’t realize THEIR behaviors are a collective whole of the planet….
It holds all things together- on tiny quantum scale and all things massive- (even the brooklyn one).

Then the cat starts in on my arm, his teeth and claws hook like spider fangs. (THINK: fangs-fangs-fangs-syringes, it kinda freaks me out)

I’m afraid of getting shots still to this day. needles don’t make me feel very brave.
I’ve tried to tattoo-but i never get the needle deep enough.
Its such an intense focus.

But one time I gouged up my arm with a key in a bathroom at a bar because I couldn’t stand the pressure I was feeling constrained and terrorized by bouts of jealousy and intimidation.

It doesn’t seem like anyone else is behaving like me.
complacence is contagious infecting you in stages
(But I was trying to cut free.)

I really don’t want to let the blog down. I looked around and I’ve been really impressed with the work from everybody through the years.

(all the pictures in Jon and Matt’s living room eerily share one common feature-they all contain three birds…one looking opposite the other two. 666)


december 07th, 2006

::Posting #01.06:::

Grammatical Capitalization.

Tonight, December 7th, 2006, we-myself and danny-resonated in the most true of definitions of the word. Onstage, lights, bodies. Greetings to fellow music makers-Bird+Magic and Natural Monuments.

I would like to belive that we-for the most part-stuck to the outlined structure of the attached image. Generally, mapping out our intentions before exocution helps to ensure we are on the same page.

drum roll please.



What-are Thieves?

december 04th, 2006

::Posting #01.05::
Wow! I know I went to artschool-and-all, but this whole blog set up is pretty nifty!

I am Danny DeMaggio of WaterThieves, I’m just initiating myself into the Tense Forms page. Hoping it all checks out.
Also submitting work on the site is my partner Jonathan Defrancesco. And possibly our lacky: Matthew Conzett (who is heading out on another tour)
However, I should allow them to introduce themselves and slap my wrists (lest I seem too fronting)… There will hopefully be some real shocking textual engagement between us.

Neverthelessly, we are looking forward to this online release (and quite proud to be associated with the Tense Forms family). As a 00.05 reference, please visit to get a taste of our early process work together, I hope you enjoy the movie sound clips.

coming up next- clips and visuals.


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