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december 06

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What are Thieves?

december 09th, 2006


Well this IS a cozy home, I sense a densly made-up hand of fat atoms congregating together. Afterall, that’s what makes up a hand, right?

and everyother thing you come across…
{If you are reading this it means you’re at least: associated.}

My old-man is a little slow sometimes
so he starts to tell me something: “hey… what’s goin’ on…(?)”
I interrupt him, “Dimensions,” I say, “they are all around us!”
It’s my little advertisement for the today\‘s broadcast.
The voice over is Buckminster Fuller.
(paraphrased): That most people don’t know the meaning of the word ‘synergry,’ reveals that most people don’t realize THEIR behaviors are a collective whole of the planet….
It holds all things together- on tiny quantum scale and all things massive- (even the brooklyn one).

Then the cat starts in on my arm, his teeth and claws hook like spider fangs. (THINK: fangs-fangs-fangs-syringes, it kinda freaks me out)

I’m afraid of getting shots still to this day. needles don’t make me feel very brave.
I’ve tried to tattoo-but i never get the needle deep enough.
Its such an intense focus.

But one time I gouged up my arm with a key in a bathroom at a bar because I couldn’t stand the pressure I was feeling constrained and terrorized by bouts of jealousy and intimidation.

It doesn’t seem like anyone else is behaving like me.
complacence is contagious infecting you in stages
(But I was trying to cut free.)

I really don’t want to let the blog down. I looked around and I’ve been really impressed with the work from everybody through the years.

(all the pictures in Jon and Matt’s living room eerily share one common feature-they all contain three birds…one looking opposite the other two. 666)


D [ web site ]

december 12th, 2006

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