muted tones

november 06

new ends to old stories

Joshua Dumas helps organize this series and is filling in this month at the last second due to unfortunate circumstances. Don't expect much.

curator log:

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90s technology

december 03rd, 2006

I play in a band called the Notes and Scratches and we’re working on a new record right now. Which means that most of my instruments and recording gear are scattered. So I’ve resorted to some 5-10 year old technology to make my piece: an old 4 track and a red iMac running ProTools Free in OS 9. It’s actually working out pretty great.


december 02nd, 2006

So, I found out yesterday that our scheduled curator for this month was unable to produce a piece. I had thought at first to just let it go, but then got to thinking that we’ve been doing this series uninterrupted for 5 years and it’d be a shame to have a weird hole in it…

So, I’m gonna tackle November this weekend, recording like crazy and hopefully something decent will come of it. Let’s all cross our fingers…

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