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New website!

friday, february 13th, 2009 at 04:09 pm

Hey sleepy,

We have a new website over here:

Notes & Scratches

Come visit.

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a Tiny Morsel

friday, april 20th, 2007 at 01:10 pm

So, we’ve finished up all the writing for the new record — sixteen songs to be recorded in early June. I’m real excited about the new material. What follows is just a simple acoustic demo, but I cannot wait for y’all to hear it in its full arrangement. It is the last song written for the record and I’m real pleased about how it touches on and ties together metaphors and themes that run through-out the other songs. I hope you like it.

with Scribbled Lines (demo) [3.9mb] [mp3]

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image by Elizabeth Boyne

Winter Button Up

tuesday, january 23rd, 2007 at 03:50 pm

So the autumn has come and gone and the winter is near over and I’d imagine our seven fans have been on the utter edge of their seats awaiting news from Notes and Scratches headquarters. This is what’s been happening:

Q-town has split-town. Our mild-mannered, oft-bearded friend and pedal steel player Steve has departed for the cool climbs of the Rocky Mountains. I miss him. Our music misses his talents. We all wish him the best and have heard he’s doing well out there and that is so so great.

We are working on our second record. At a snail’s pace. We’re trying to figure out how to get our momentum going ‘cos at this rate it will take seven years to finish. But the expiration date on these songs is April 07 so we gotta get it in gear. Hopefully we’ll soon be able to post a song that we recorded in autumn.

We have a new member. The crazy talented Whitney Johnson has joined our ranks and will be playing viola, accordion, and singing. We are more than a little delighted to be making songs with her and y’all are gonna be floored when you hear her bowing the crow outta her fiddle.

We have a big fun show coming up. Four bands, 1000 one inch buttons, one night only — Tense Forms Winter Button Up. Come on out! Whitney is making her debut with us and even my folks are driving in from Detroit for it. After all those years of practicing in their basement, I think they now miss the dangerous decibels and the ribs rattling!

Then mid next month we’re playing with our lovely friends the 1900s! But, I promise to post here a bit in the meantime. I promise! Hope all are well and that we see you soon…

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bringmayflowers — My Finest Words

sunday, august 27th, 2006 at 11:04 pm

This video is our performance of My Finest Words from the closing night of bringmayflowers, shot by Lucas Merino. It was a wonderful event, such a pleasure working with the cats from the House Theatre, and a joy to sing with so many folks. At the end of the clip, I finally get what’s coming to me.

Things will be quiet for the next couple months as we dig in and start work on our second record. But before there is quiet, there will be loud.

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