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Record Release Date set

wednesday, october 26th, 2005 at 01:34 pm

Good news! We finally are putting our record out. It is called Uh-Oh. We’re looking at a release date of November 18th. It’ll be available in the Tense Forms Online Store in CD and in mp3 format. The CDs will cost $10 which includes shipping and the whole record immediately available in mp3 format. If you just want the mp3s that’ll cost $5 and includes a digital booklet with liner notes and stuff. I see bands post tracklists of their records so i guess we’ll do that too:

the Hours
in the Shadow Cast
via Satellite
the Clockmaker’s Daughter
in the Morning
the Cass Song
in the City of Eggtimers
the Lines Reveal
the Strings Unravel
the River Girl
in the Evening
on Belle Isle

Keep your eyes out, we’re gonna throw up a couple super secret special songs here before the record comes out.

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+1.5dbs at 2k, +1db at 4k

tuesday, august 16th, 2005 at 01:10 pm

Yup. That’s right. We’re now 2.5 decibels from having a finished record. Spent last week, the weekend and yesterday mastering and it is really close. We need the mids to sizzle alittle more and then it’s in the can.

We played a really fun show on sunday. Mark Benson (of Lying in States) joined us as a 2nd drummer/percussionist. It was rocking and bittersweet. VJ leaves for DC this saturday and the show was his last as our drummer. Come september we’ll be joined by Robbie of Where the Moon Came From. In other membership news it is not impossible that we’ll be adding a cellist to the mix. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, we’re gonna be missing VJ something fierce. I’ve lived with him for two years now, and his insight and encouragement are writ large on our songs and our hearts.

Are all the best songs about leaving? The intersection of hope and regret? Wilco’s Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard.

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little snip

wednesday, august 03rd, 2005 at 12:16 pm

we’re done mixing! tonight we drink the blood of kings! or whatever! (soy king blood?)

here’s a little tiny bit of a song that’s on the new record. Still needs to be mastered but i’m feeling pretty good about how it sounds…

Three Gut Records

friday, july 29th, 2005 at 12:44 pm

I'm impossibly bummed to hear that Three Gut is closing up shop. The Constantines dedicated an Elevator to Hell song to the label when we saw them last week; it was a perfect tribute. Tense Forms and Three Gut started at about the same time (in fact i met someone from Three Gut when the Tundra Survey played Wavelength in Toronto) and they've served as a model and a beacon. Cheers to them and many well wishes to all involved in their next endeavors.

There's a nice article in Exclaim about the label. Be sure to check out the oral history at the bottom of that page.

We're still mixing, things continue to go pretty well. I'm looking forward to really digging in tonight; I don't have to work tomorrow so i think we'll plug away all night. I'm crazy tired though, the past days have been like this:

Wake with troublesome beer and cigarette mouth, make haste to work. Drink a pots-worth of coffee. Stumble through the dayjob, make haste to the studio in ulcer-inducing rush hour traffic. Mix, mix, fight, mix, smoke, hit stuff with a screwdriver until the static vanishes, smoke, Tecate, mix, more coffee, smoke. Drive home at 4am. Repeat.

The sleep deprivation is pretty rad, but the best part of this whole scenario is how rapidly it's accelerating my tooth decay. Goodbye meddlesome teeth! It was fun, but as i'm sure you know, I've been on the fence about this relationship for awhile and well, i just need more gums in my life.

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