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Record Release Date set

wednesday, october 26th, 2005 at 01:34 pm

Good news! We finally are putting our record out. It is called Uh-Oh. We’re looking at a release date of November 18th. It’ll be available in the Tense Forms Online Store in CD and in mp3 format. The CDs will cost $10 which includes shipping and the whole record immediately available in mp3 format. If you just want the mp3s that’ll cost $5 and includes a digital booklet with liner notes and stuff. I see bands post tracklists of their records so i guess we’ll do that too:

the Hours
in the Shadow Cast
via Satellite
the Clockmaker’s Daughter
in the Morning
the Cass Song
in the City of Eggtimers
the Lines Reveal
the Strings Unravel
the River Girl
in the Evening
on Belle Isle

Keep your eyes out, we’re gonna throw up a couple super secret special songs here before the record comes out.

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