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september 05

this entry is from september 05. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work if it's available.

The first day of autumn was grand…

september 23rd, 2005

Massive bout of recording today with trombone master, pop wizard and roommate extraordinaire J. Bennum. Together, we sorted out the country soul of the introduction and injected some stranger sounds to take its place. Case in point would be a ditched lap steel part in exchange for more ambient guitar bends and warbles. That and we got a nice thunderstorm in sync with the first guitar strums. Ma Nature is our buddy.
A rough mix may be posted either tomorrow or sometime this weekend or sometime in february but hopefully tomorrow.
(Update: Here ya go! [2.1MB] [MP3]. Enjoy! — josh)

the link this time is for those who enjoy the idea of a bunch of goobers taking over their school bus, painting it tropical and then watching it burn. explosive super medleys from bloomington, IN that fuck shit up.

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