muted tones

september 05

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no sleep till brooklyn

september 27th, 2005

last night’s recording fun ended up being pretty brief but not before we got some righteous delay chatter box noise and guitar frenzy down. tonight, the plan is to finish the middle 3 minutes by bringing back the horns and violins. also, we plan on doing some sparse vocals too. then we’ll bring the volume way down before the final outro/coda thing…but that’s wednesday, about a couple light years away at this point.

about the linkage:
my love of deerhoof just keeps on growing. i saw them for the first time at the open end gallery last may just in time for the green cosmos ep…stood in the front row and got destroyed song after song. borrowed milkman from a friend. loved it. listened to tons of Apple O’. loved it. they have a new record out soon & after catching them last sunday at Logan Square, I feel I kind of love that one too. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been down for making a lot of strange guitar noises lately but this band is and will continue to affect a good portion of this project whether i know it or not.

be back for the 5am report,


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