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september 05

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head cold

september 30th, 2005

“The Ballad of Bobby Fitz”
The players (apart from yours truly) ~

John Benham: Coin shaker, thunderstormage, piano, trombones and countless hours of tweaking, splicing and soothing the mixess.

Blake Walker: Upright bass

Chadwickian Delights Miner: E-bow and pop tart goodness moral support

10 pm, thursday night and still plenty of song to create. fellow t.f.a. bandmate chad was visiting and with fresh ears, he helped us bring the song to a steady end. it was his idea to keep the drums going, coupled with some cut and paste violins and it was his idea to lay let the ebow and trombone coda be dissonant and hazy. he also helped us clean up and adjust levels, pans and oatmeal on all trax.
john also rose to the occasion, supplying the piano goodness out of the blue after maybe 2 or 3 takes. dig.

john mixed into the night and then crashed. we both headed over to the music building to track our friend blake and his wonderful upright bass. it was fun, but brief.
after that, we were due to visit sirjosh dumas at the el so we did all that computer junk with burning a cd and that was that.
the end of this song calms down a bit but that’s cool because we were starting to go overboard with too many fragments. sometimes i like super medleys but 10 minutes is a long time and we finished up happily knowing that a lot of these ideas were far far from what we normally do. always healthy to go outside of yer comfort zone, right?

it’s been a fun month…hope this kicks volume 4 off nicely,


Paula Spurr

october 05th, 2005

Your piece was beautiful. I sat there with my mind charging into overdrive as the music brought memories to the surface that I haven’t even experienced yet. KaPOW!

Thank you, Nat et. al. You have kicked off Volume 4 much more than nicely!

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