muted tones

september 05

this entry is from september 05. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work if it's available.

Demo love

september 16th, 2005

Two weeks later…

Since relocating to Evanston for school earlier this week, I’ve been gathering all the weird song fragments I made back in DeKalb into a cohesive medley skeleton. right now the foundation is a 5 chord harp sounding section with a pair of slide guitars …(if anyone reads this and has a pedal steel guitar they would let me come visit and admire, please email me…these fragments need country heart). so this fragment is old, dating back to last january, but since then, they’ve never really saw the light of day…until now.
next up tomorrow or saturday, i’m going to throw some beats down courtesy of my delay pedal and the heater next to the bed. this may or may not work unless the heater is making cool noises. more on this later.
most importantly, i’m finally settled in one place and will be posting more often even if the recordings are going slow. tense form log in motion >>>

lastly, the link and picture have to do with a very talented citizen of nearby Bloomington, IN named Erin Tobey that I was fortunate enough to meet a couple years back. I choose to mention Erin because her efforts as a concert promoter, mad bass player and comix specialist are always inspiring to read about. just this summer she helped put together a massive tour in a school bus across the eastern half o’ the US with 10 different bloomington related bands, festival style. & she’s still alive.
basically erin’s a force of nature and her energy and bond with mass chaos has stuck with me ever since. enjoy her neat website.



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