muted tones

september 05

this entry is from september 05. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work if it's available.

Day 1, back at the homestead in beautiful DeKalb, IL

september 01st, 2005

okok this muted tones posting business isn’t as tricky as it looks…

…for starters, I just arrived home last night from some summer tour bliss with Things Falling Apart so i spent today getting in touch with my laundry mojo. Luckily, I hadn’t decided yet on what to do for this here muted tones project, so it doubled as my day 1 brainstorming session. Load after load went by but no luck; all i could think of was josh shaking his head —- “i knew i shouldn’t have given this kid a whole month to screw up” —- well, josh, I may not have A game with me today but tomorrow, no more nonesense.

It’s just me and the 4 track, man vs. machine, godzilla vs. mothra. let’s get serious.

~ the link is the same as the one in my bio but i thought i’d do some more explaining >>> scratch + sniff records is a small group of DeKalb 4 trackers that I stumbled upon 3 summers ago (thusly, the group photo)…immediately, i was amazed by the diversity of projects going on at any given time —- honky tonk laments of 3 legged cats, scrambled noise codes and puzzles, and elbows+knees pop songs came pouring out of the cornfield ocean and I did everything I could to help and join in on the fireworks.

3 years later, I’m still the gun for hire, choosing to help out everywhere instead of settling on a steady project of my own…I have made some recordings in the past but they’re not online or anything. I’ll get the stuff up there soon though for better or worse. yah.

looking forward to a month’s worth of pratfalls and yer company in tense forms land.

over and out,



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