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september 05

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bad dreamsss

september 29th, 2005

that 5am report i promised never happened because john + I got kicked out of our practice space early on account of noise. we vowed to get some sleep and get down in the trenches today and so we did…
the trouble with the middle 3 minutes so far has been anything from a annoying drum sample to just general haziness about how many times to play a section. basically, we needed some transitions and we needed them fast.
>>>so we started up just before dinner and came up with a strange trombone/violin fueled march that helped introduce the bass power we’d planned on. Somber harmonies that were kind of like “watching your own funeral” and getting real upset…cue a little drum fun that we’ll leave to the finished product.
Suddenly, we were stuck again. The drums had cut out and the guitar riff i was trying to get off the ground wasn’t going anywhere. We split up and john worked on the chatterboxes, the march and most importantly, the drum sound and the troublesome sample we’d chosen (we cut it back so it’s just the last time of each 4 repetitions). I went ahead and busted out the tape 4 track and worked on recreating the guitar idea with violins letting it swell to 5 parts. we tailored the stuff a bit and then put it down in no time flat…after a few plays it was decided to call it a day. we’re not really sure where it will go but for now, the momentum is stronger than ever.

although a lot of the ideas today were pretty far from belle +sebastian, i’m sure tomorrow’s luck will hinge on their goodness. it’s been a slow transformation for me with this group just because i never sought out all the eps/singles they released in batches. the best part is the patchwork pop songs…a little cello here, a little r&b geetar there and always some gorgeous organ swells. i love songs that fool me, especially melodically, so it’s no surprise that i’m turning to belle+sebastian for the last leg of this song.

or maybe i’ll just break out all my john mellencamp and we’ll end with a sing-a-long.
god bless the cougar.



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