muted tones

october 05

this entry is from october 05. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work if it's available.


october 04th, 2005

My month has officially begun. I’m not going to lie to you— I’m a little nervous. But my recording setup is set up, and I’ve recruited some friends to bang on some things, so I’m feeling ok at the moment.

Besides the music composition, I’m also spending this month scanning the photos I took this summer while working as a summer associate at a big law firm in L.A. The law firm is technically mid-sized, but since I had to take an elevator to get to my friends’ offices, I consider it big. I was hoping I’d make a lot of art about my job as a young lawyer, but it took all my effort to seem normal to my co-workers as it was that i didn’t want to push my luck by bringing my camera to the “social events”. So instead I took a lot of pictures of the plants that I saw on my walks to and from work. I’ll be posting the photos here as I scan them.


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