muted tones

november 05

this entry is from november 05. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work if it's available.


november 30th, 2005

so it’s the end of the month. i had the recording place and time problem but i finally recorded my piece. i stayed at my apartment on thanksgiving because that was the first real oppurtunity i had to work on this all month. i didn’t really get anything done that day, i just played and figured out kind of what i wanted to do. i recorded on saturday and then a little more on monday night. i have to go home now and record one more track and mix the levels now and turn it in tonight. my recording situation was my apartment with one of those skinny microphones that comes with your computer. my monitoring was my speakers that come with the computer so there is a lot of track bleed which i really don’t mind anyway. there is a special appearance by our furnace, wandering cats, footsteps all of which doesn’t really bother me either. i recorded a guitar track while and kept a loop pedal on the whole time. so i’m playing in real time but there is an accumulated bed of sound building. after that i overdubbed pedal steel, violin, bass, another guitar track or two, cello, and keyboard all without the loop pedal. and there you have it. sorry i didn’t post more or better but i really didn’t have a chance. i’d write more now but i’m late. i’m feeling really ragged. thanks for asking me to do this. bye.


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