muted tones

february 06

this entry is from february 06. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work if it's available.


march 02nd, 2006

R A B I D T . . . M A N I F E S T O R

first came the film (3weeks of garagerock
claymation) and then came the music.

each individual musician recorded an improvised
track while reacting to & watching the film for the
first time. no clues. no hints. no idea.

no headphones allowed. all of the tracks (eleven
total) were recorded seperately without hearing
any of the other tracks.

once all the tracks were down, the whole piece
was mixed musically and then added to the film.

success! nicely done, everyone.

thanks to all the players, josh and mike at muted
tones tense forms for making it all happen in the
virtual realm, and to bud for all the love supreme
engineering and assistance in the recording realm.


T H E . . M A N I F E S T O R S

Jessica Billey - violin, bottles

Raven Chacon - voice, bass, tom, thumbguitar

Kenneth Anthony Cornell (alchemical burn) - mixing console feedback

Jonathan Cram - electric guitar

Marisa DeMarco - mouth

Nick DePascal - electric guitar

Chris Hatcher - electric razor, tape, radio, broken violin, cymbal

Dameon Lee - car keys, martin open string

Chad McCoy - bass trombone

Bud Melvin - percussion

Augustine Ortiz - electric 7 string guitar


seven card studios 2006
for dvd style copies of Rabidt Manifestor,
contact jb at


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