muted tones

sepember 04

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sonic thoughts…

september 20th, 2004

since I’m contributing the first track to muted tones 3, I thought it was about time I write a little something about what I’ve been trying to do:

originally, I had thought to do some field recordings — at first literally in a field in the countryside north of Toronto where I grew up, but my mic sucked and I didn’t get anything useful. next, I thought to make some field recordings of the weird warbling, whistlings sounds the subway station makes at the corner of Spadina & Dupont — check out the bubble-ish thing in the bottom left of this picture I found on somebody’s blog: picture — but those sounds are dependent on certain weather conditions (wind, primarily, from just the right direction), which conditions haven’t been met whenever I go down there with my minidisc and microphone…

so, lately I’ve been doing some self-plunderphonics, so to speak, plundering a bunch of my old cassette 4-track tapes containing songs I wrote when I was a teenager (I’m sure lots of us have those). quite embarrassing, some of them, but I’ve taken some of the better sounding snippets and am now in the process of reassembling them into something quite different than the originals…I hope…



Paula [ web site ]

september 21st, 2004

Using old angst to create new truth and beauty…how phoenix-like of you! Can’t wait to hear what you come up with…

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