muted tones

december 04


Chicago's Anne Coleman is a classical bassoonist and a lively caller in The Golden Horse Ranch Square Dance Band.

curator log:

About Winter

january 03rd, 2005

Hi all -

I thought I’d give a little blurb about how I wrote this piece and the inspiration. I’ve been thinking about doing a season’s cycle for awhile now, I just haven’t had a push (aka deadline) to write it. I want to revisit many of the broad motifs used in art/music way back when and this is my first stab at it. Winter is going to be 1 movement of a 4 part Seasons cycle. I hope to write the rest this year. So winter… to me it’s a melancholic and internal time of the year. I kept picturing walking in the Wisconsin woods in winter while writing this. The orchestration is 2 bassoons, double bass, violin section, and female humming. I recorded the bassoons and humming audio, and double basss and violin section using midi. I used logic audio for recording and mixing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and thanks to muted tones for asking me to be part of this project.


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