muted tones

october 04

self plunderphonics

Chicago's Matt Martin is a musician and engineer who performs in Amerigo.

curator log:


october 29th, 2004

Greetings my fellow beloved. Yes indeed, it is my month to give you some sonic offerings from my palette. Many thoughts of what to do for my piece, ended up with something i am very fond of, and do not to get to do as often as i would like: improvisation. I basically decided to keep things very simple and set up one microphone in my basement/room. What you will hear is one of many improvised takes in which i explore the outer regions of my voice with acoustic guitar accompaniment. It is a celebration of my love for dissonant chorale music and the voice. By taking myself out of a medium in which i feel most comfortable, intense rock n’ roll, it allowed me to free up the other side of myself that most people who know me do not realize i have— a sad side. As my life is everchanging with golden music opportunities, falling in and out of love, and the possible departure from chicago on an amazing rock’n'roll adventure around the world, this piece captures all the joy, sadness, and fears of that change. It is the golden take: improvisation no. 17 - for Season…..
I have added a few overdubs to this original take to heighten the emotion I was feeling a little bit. You will hear a floor tom recorded really closely, two vocal harmonies, a little drum set, and the click of my fingernails that make up static throughout the piece.
I am very proud of the results and hope that you find some enjoyment, or solace in the piece.
much love and peace

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