muted tones

march 05

this entry is from march 05. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work.

on Deadline

march 30th, 2005

When I think of making music on my own, I tend to dream more than I accomplish. It was great when Muted Tones gave me a deadline. Dreaming and ambition had to meet a hard reality, while working on a new Christmas Decorations album and my friend Andy’s album and my office job.

My solution borrowed a bit from Christmas Decorations’ bag of tricks but ended up standing on its own. I surrounded a small mixing board with a guitar, a drum machine, a microphone, a couple of loop pedals, and a few effects. I recorded about an hour of live performances into my cassette 4 track (in stereo, using just tracks 2 and 3), and then transferred it all into my computer, with some minimal processing on the way in. I had just bought an M-Box (AmateurTools, as I sometimes like to call it) and it took its inaugural voyage on this piece.

Once in the computer, I found 20 minutes that I liked (having been only asked for 10 was irrelevant in the end) spread throughout the hour, and then I edited it together into a seamless piece. Everything was assembled in a linear fashion like tape edits, without any layering of the performances or other sophisticated digital trickery.


Colin M. Bennett, Louisville

april 14th, 2005

Cripes, that’s a large download! I take it nonetheless. Good thing I just got broadband, eh.

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