muted tones

september 02

this entry is from september 02. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work.

sort of prank calling myself

july 18th, 2002

similar to capturing her ideas on the handheld, i decided two nights ago to do the same thing with my four track for some of the musical segments. i set up a microphone and let the mini disc roll for about thirty five minutes both nights and then just noodled and sang out whatever came to me at the moment. on tuesday i went back and listened and marked certain segments to either use or expand on down the line. it’s kind of a liberating way to create because there really aren’t any borders around anything yet. it’ s like prank calling when you don’t know or care who you’re going to get.
so now that i’m going, i keep thinking about doing some kind of progression between raw to polished, and/or acoustic to synthesized, or something with a timeline effect. and i overheard someone talking about how todays younger generation is living in a totally synthesized generation. and that includes music especially what’ s toping the pop charts now a days. i’m just rambling here about the ideas i’m shuffling through, maybe to influence what i end up doing.
oh yeah, i thought this was a pretty cool picture, john lennon smoking, glasses, white gloves, what more do you want? almost looks synthesized doesn’t it?


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