muted tones

september 02

this entry is from september 02. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work.

slammed, bammed, canned, kablambed

august 02nd, 2002

no faithful reader, i haven’t forgotten about you. it’s been a hellish week at the office. we got a gig with the government doing a jingle for some tax amnesty program. we did late night hours last week and a bunch of last minute stuff this week. not only have i run out of time to work on the project, but i couldn’t free up the ole computer to throw down an entry. but i’m up and looking foward to the next week to finish it out. i’ve got the entire house to myself so i’ll be able to make plenty of noise, just in time too cause the 15th’s coming soon. anyway, until monday, i’m outta here. enjoy the day or night, or whatever it might be there…


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