muted tones

september 02

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out of my mind

july 23rd, 2002

always good to check in on our fellow astronauts, just to make sure they’re not slackin . you know how it can be on a hot day up there. as for me, totally slacked this weekend, but did get to see some good shows. halifax peer and strike city friday night, then wilco sunday. if you get the chance, i’d recommend dropping the coin on wilco if they come to town, it was a raucous.
the ball has been set into motion though. i started with a drum track and some fuzz guitar stuff last night. i’ve decided to record it at home on the free pro tools so i can walk around in my underwear if i need to, spill beer with out consequence, and be close to the fridge for hot pockets or fudgesicles. just a more comfortable environment overall.
i was thinking as i was going last night that i’m going way outside of anything i “normally” do when i write songs, and am disregarding most of the musical influences that are passing through me these days. i’m treating this as an opportunity to create something i’ll never be able to get back to again, and as something far different from what i would say characterizes the majority of my music lately. it’s funny because in the last week, i’ve started up on three new songs, and i think it’s because i’ve been forcing my head to think in a different place. i’ve started to notice phases with myself where i’ll be doomed by certain dryspells for a couple of months, either writing or playing, but when the doom lifts, songs tend to come in the masses. anyway, the flow is here to stay, at least through may or whenever the last muted tones month is.



july 24th, 2002

mic the fridge.
and the fudgesicles.

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