muted tones

september 02

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me again

july 29th, 2002

just thought i’d update, let you know where i’m at. spent a good deal saturday starting to piece the specific parts. after a trip to radio shack to find the right wires to get from the handheld tape recorder to the computer, i layed in my friend’s recorded dialogue. she filled both sides of the mini tape, i think maybe 40 minutes, so i had quite a bit of editing/chopping to do. basically i picked what i thought most appropriate for my idea of exposing someone’s ideas.

the material is different from what i heard originally, cause that stuff got taped over, but it’s still very personal and geniunely captured for purposes no other than her own. i layed them in over the drum track i recorded and the fuzz blast, then started to go from there. i decided to use parts of the result i captured when i set up the mic and sang freely into the room for about thirty five minutes.

it’s supposed to create a connection between her personal stuff and mine i guess. that’s the idea at least, i think though that if you heard without reading any of these entries, you’d never know it. cool by me though. i sort of think most creations end up like that anyway.

so next i’ve got to add music into the body. i’m trying to add continuity and some pleasureable asthetic to it. i think it’s gonna be the greatest challenge thus far because i want to stretch out and do something with the instruments and my playing that i’ve never done before. maybe i’ll start with micing the fudgesicles. that’s the best idea i’ve heard all year…then i’ll get the damn church bells that ring for like twenty minutes starting at noon everyday. it’ s the drunken bell ringer man. then maybe i’ll put my recorded bells on a huge PA and play towards the church real loud once they start going.l then the whole neigborhood can start ringing bells and i’ll record that.


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