muted tones

september 02

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i hit a wall

august 06th, 2002

well, i decided to transfer everything over to the studio so i could hear what i was recording a little bit better. there’s about four portions to this thing, and one is done, maybe two, but the other two absolutely suck. last night was the first time i really hit a wall with this thing. i think it was mostly my attitude which was pretty low down last night, but also i came to the studio planning on working for like five hours, and then after an hour and half, i couldn’t think of one thing to do. i do that too often man. just overwhelm myself with these gargantuan plans, and waste energy actually thinking and imagining rathering than doing. oh well, it was just one night i guess.

see the problem was that i tried to hear it objectively and once i did, the two portions just sounded like cluttered crap. nothing interesting, just crap everywhere. once i decided that, i realised that one of the biggest problems was that i wasn’t sticking to my goal in those parts. that of creating the music with methods i’ve never used before. so it ended up being two poorly played guitar tracks, one accordian, and one flute track that i just canned all together. tonight i’m going to return with the focus being on the narration, and just providing background for the narrative portions. what i had at the end of last night really distracted me from what she was saying. tonight i’ve got some ideas on what and how to play, so i guess we’ll just see what come’s next



september 15th, 2002

i hit your face.

andy, i just got a chance to listen to your piece, and i wanted to comment on this page. why. well, andy, because, and i was waiting till you were a little older to tell you this, but, well...we all hit walls every once in a while. i hit a wall last weeks...matt hit ceiling..ON CHRISTMAS!
but i'm glad you can tell us this, us, the 5 billion people on line at anygiven time....the part of your piece with the undulating bass/synthesizer bellows...right before the girl says shes really fucking scared...that is hot.
this piece has a really nice flo to it... from visual sound scape to song. i think how soft it is is just a listless little coward. when the static voice over comes in, its a great contrast to the really round way the rest of the song feels.

wow. nice work andy. this is something really cool.

-mark, in detroit.
oh, we'll let you know about luisville...we just found out a show in ohio was added.

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