muted tones

september 02

this entry is from september 02. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work.

c’est tout bruit

august 12th, 2002

i finished my piece this weekend and decided to title it c’est tout bruit. go ahead and look it up yourself when you’ve got some free time. there’s tons of web translators you can find through browsers. it applies to the music, sound, and dialogue. nothing profound, but a recurring theme i guess for me in the last couple of weeks.

anyway, i’m proud of it for sure and really happy with the outcome. there were two points when i thought i was just going to hate it all. i mean i put so much into it that i didn’t want to through it out, but i was thinking i would be eternally dreading it at certain points. one i journaled about, but two, once i pretty much got done, i went to master it, where all the levels get boosted to be as loud as they possibly can, and all of a sudden the hiss behind the narrative parts was almost unbearable. i know it’s still there, maybe somewhat annoying but after a couple hours of wrestling with it, i found a method to tame it to an appropriate level. i’m glad, looking back, that i didn’t trash it and sacrifice certain parts.

the piece will be posted by september 1st, and all the options for downloading will be in place. i’m extremely thankful to be a part of this project and can’t wait to hear what’s still to come. it put me in mental place that i’d never been before, and it opened up new ideas for me that i’m definetely going to execute again. everything from holding onto the original inspiration to making the final piece. new methods and experiements with the instruments. technical engineering bs that’ll come in handy down the line. but i think most of all just reflecting a lot with the intent of being able to explain what i’m doing. i think that’s one of the most unique things about this, because usually i just write songs or fool around with recordings and let them go to whereever they may go. with c’est tout bruit, i wanted to journal everyday (sorry i didn’t cause i didn’t work on it every day cause i’m a bum, anway) explaining each move that was next in line. the four or five people that have heard it so far made some comments that i immediately responded to with “…yeah that’s exactly what i was thinking too” or “…well, the reason i added that was to try and…”. i didn’t realize how close to the parts i was until now. they were just simple, pretty minimal ideas, but they each had a role.

i’ll remember the concentration i had on this thing in the future. i know i still create for asthetic, but i won’t be suprised if i find myself being more picky on certain add ons here and there. like i said, i can’t wait for more muted tones, i think the internet is proving itself to be cool stomping ground for such things…


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