muted tones

september 02

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july 26th, 2002


Domenico [ web site ]

august 25th, 2002

Is that fat man with the stogie your own rendition of me?? Just kidding. I know you see my beauty radiate like the full moon; that's why I hang out with you.

Anyway, I think quite a bit about some of the issues raised by the speaker in your song. If I fixate on what people think of me, I'm bound to get nervous. I'm trying not to live that way anymore. But I can't withdraw altogether. A dear friend and I concurred that we'd rather spend the rest of our lives putting ourselves out there, taking the chance of being shot down, than living in fear and doubt of what others may think. This is bold, of course, but the point is that I'll always believe its worthwhile to put my shit out there. This endeavor, however, is very daunting. So I give mass credit to those who contemplate the matter and put forth the effort to share something about themselves, albeit physically or spiritually, with others.

We spend so much time dreaming about what we want to do; wait time. So for me, when I finally begin to do something related to a dream, like writing a song (yes I've been doing this), I just stop in the middle of it. Then I hear echoes of the statement "I wouldn't want to be part of a club that would have me for a member."

Seems like you can work through this kind of self dount. I respect that immensely. And I appreciate the thoughfulness that goes into your work. Its humble and sincere and that's usually what attracts me to music, accounting for whether or not its "real" to me. But I guess the issue I'm trying to raise here is related to a phenomenon that I see unfold with my closest friends. I see them everyday, I think I know them, then I experience their art and its as if the person that peiced together what i'm enjoying has a completely different being. It such a fucking trip, I swear. It suprises me everytime. This applies to you too.


august 25th, 2002

well thanks man... it is a strong point though, and something i recognize as well. even more so, i've been realizing that everybody has something deep down that isn't attached to anything we commonly know about them. for me, it's a realization that's made me try to focus on the way i judge people. i mean, a lot of times i get these first impressions of people that aren't always so good, and for some fucked up reason i sort of write them off right away. or even vice versa, sometimes somebody seems really great, but then end up skinning squirrels or something. point is, i've been trying to stop myself from making those judgements so quick, and trying to stay patient until those inards are exposed. it is unbelievable what people carry inside and dream about every day, but rarely get the opportunity to expose or talk about. even those secrets go both ways, someone might be a picasso or some genius, but someone who seems like the happy go lucky, might have worlds of shit to deal with deep down. it's been such an important thing for me to focus on because it's helping me to be less judgemental and more ready to be open.

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