muted tones

october 02

this entry is from october 02. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work.

temporal and spatial boundaries

july 29th, 2002

I wrote a song this weekend, okay…this morning…but I’m not sure that it is for the muted tones project. but maybe. it’s about insulation. that might be a good concept to work with on a larger scale.

i also played the saxaphone for the first (okay, second) time ever, and it was so much fun. i’d like to figure out how to incorporate that into my muted tones stuff, i think. i like playing new instruments.

andy’s stuff sounds like it’s coming along…i like the idea of trying to connect different personal and isolated experiences and expressions.

that’s it for today. the noggin is a-rockin. it feels good to be inspired.



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