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october 02

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starting to solidify. a little. okay not very much. but still….

august 07th, 2002


i almost finished my song last night. the one i wrote a few days ago. it’s only vaguely about insulation anymore since, well, how much can you say about it that’s interesting. unless you’re talking about the fiberglass stuff that the pink panther sells because i’ll tell you what i’d say about that. i’d say that the pink panther turned into a tool once they gave him a voice (ha!).

here’s my idea for this song…in a few weeks the transaction Ensemble is playing with the Tiny Hairs and i’m hoping i can convince the guys in the Tiny Hairs that they want to record this song with me.

I realise that this will be a big feat, not only in introducing myself to all of them for like the first time ever (except Peter, who has already agreed to work with me) and then imediately saying, “so, you guys should record a song with me” but also in scheduling, and sweat and the like. but, i think it would make a really incredible piece of music. my composition sensibilities combined with their careful and beautiful improvisations would sound so lovely.

at least it does in my head. which is where i spend a lot of my time. i’m having a hard time getting the stuff in my head out so that you all can see it/hear it.

just know that i’m working on it.



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