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october 02

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roommatey (arrrrr!)

august 27th, 2002

hey folks,

my dad’s been leaving comments. they’re worth reading. especially the one about tofu tubes.

i worked on the song a bit last night, and it looks as if a longer version will work just fine. i even added a little lead in there. it makes the song 10 times sadder, which surprised me since it’s just about the saddest song i’ve ever written. maybe tomorrow i’ll tell you the story behind it.

after i finished the song, i was playing around with this dress, making goofy alterations as i am often doing, and i had a moment (i have a lot of those, don’t i?). so i yelled into the kitchen where my roommate was doing roommatey (arrrr!) things.

-Jaime, I’m not going to be an artist anymore.


-I’m going to be an experimenter.


-Yup. That’s what I’m going to call myself now. Say it with me ex-peer-ee-men-terr.

-Sounds like fun.

-Yeah, I realised that when i make stuff, i don’t really set out to make anything in particular, I just open my boxes of crap, and then play around with it until something works.

-Well, I think that you might still be an artist.


-I mean my definition might be broad, but I sort of look at it as being a creator.

-Oh. Yeah, and i do create things. Maybe I could call myself god then.

-Yeah. You could be ‘God Renee’.


-Or how about a diety.

-Yeah, but just a minor one.


The dress is looking pretty good. maybe i’ll take a picture of it and post it here.




september 05th, 2002

do I know this dress? you will always be an artist now matter what medium you use, it is your soul. you can alway be a maven...


september 06th, 2002

this is a brand new extra special dress. it's kind of like that skirt i wore to maumee, but it's a dress. you know, like, it has armholes.

for now.

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