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october 02

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Phase II - planning

august 26th, 2002

This weekend I went to a play And They Put Handcuffs On The Flowers, saw Casey Meehan and The Late Night Radio (they played the party after the play), saw Lying in States at the Wicker Park block party, played a show with the (Richard Nickel) transaction Ensemble in Pilsen, went to a going away party, goofed around with a big beautiful dog named Cleo, and had marathon band practice for the autumn-waking. And that’s after a week playing three shows! I was saying to Allison (the drummer for the autumn-waking and the transaction Ensemble) that being busy like this was the goal I had in moving to Chicago. I had a moment somewhere in there while I was loading in, or setting up, or something - where the phrase “it’s working” popped in my head. Wow. It’s working. Who knew?

We’re trying to get the schedule and logistics worked out for this SRB/Tiny Hairs recording. It looks like we are going to work in small groups, starting with a session recording a new version of the song. As it stands, the song is only about two and a half minutes long. Not a whole lot of room for the Hairs to do their thing. I’m hoping I can stretch it to five or a little longer. I’m going to work on that this week, making sure the song still makes sense in a longer form.

That’s all I’ve got for today.Hope you’re enjoying these last days of summer!



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