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october 02

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No there isn’t.

september 06th, 2002

So we’re renaming this the Bertsch Family Web Hub. I don’t think anyone will mind, since the only people reading this are the Bertsch Family, and Mike and Josh and Andy.

(if you don’t know what I’m talking about, i.e. you’re not my family, or mike, josh, or andy… then read all the comments from previous posts, and then post some of your own comments already!)



september 06th, 2002

Before Robert Zimmerman became Bob Dylan, he was Elston Gunnn. Played the keyboard. For country music. Man, here come the nightmares.

the one known as matt

september 08th, 2002

hey, it could be worse, nobody could be reading it...


september 13th, 2002

hey wait, there's no porn on this site at all.


october 07th, 2002

uh...nope. gee, if i knew who you were, i'd (ahem) tell you where to go.

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