muted tones

october 02

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if i haven’t already told you….

september 05th, 2002



september 05th, 2002

oh yeah. i forgot. this is going to be my new tattoo. on the inside of my left forearm. i know this has NOTHING to do with muted tones, but i can't stop thinking about it! isn't it cool, though?


september 05th, 2002

okay, I can't compete with the name POP. I guess I will have to come up with a "screen name".
Is it a "Singer" machine. That would make it have something to do with muted tones...(sorry)

mike piontek

september 06th, 2002

man, i don't have any awesome puns to contribute, but, damn, this tattoo will laugh in the face of all other tattoos. i mean, if tattoos had faces, or could laugh. it puts them all to shame. for serious.

p.s. hi mr. and mrs. bertsch. you guys are rad. i'm starting to wonder if we should make all the curators' parents leave comments. it's great.


september 06th, 2002

Would this be at threaded discussion?

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