muted tones

october 02

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october 31st, 2002

don’t you love how i keep using these snappy french titles for my posts? i do.

today is the last day of my reign at muted tones. well, technically, it was yesterday since alison’s november piece was posted today, but it’s still october for like, ten more hours!

no, seriously, listen to her piece. she’s awesome.

before i get to the formalities i want to share a few things wholly unrelated to muted tones.

as it is halloween, i am dressed as an edward gorey character. it is more fun than you can imagine.

today (halloween) a coworker asked me where i sit. at the same moment i glanced at a (halloween) decoration of a devil.

coworker: where do you sit?

me: in hell.

coworker: don’t we all?

me (doing my best to stare at him without cracking up): that’s correct. the damned are in great numbers. the underlord will be pleased.

coworker: you’re starting to creep me out.

advantage, bertsch!

it’s a (halloween) joke, people.

anyhoo, on with the show…

i don’t think i’m going to be posting anymore, as i really don’t have much to say beyond tasteless jokes, and judging by your reaction, i should keep them to myself.

unless people start commenting like crazy, and sending me emails all the time, and stopping me on the street to tell me what they think of my piece…yeah. unless that happens, you won’t be seeing any new posts here.

thanks for reading, and listening.
(keep checking muted tones monthly for new pieces…actually, why don’t you join the tense forms mailing list so you don’t have to worry about remembering.)




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