muted tones

october 02

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october 04th, 2002

I suppose itís about time to post a follow-up. Iím thinking there will be a few more posts as muted tones progresses, but certainly not in the volume weíve all become accustomed to.

Iíve received some kind feedback from a few people. Feedback is good.

One of the people who contacted me is related to the piece in a way that almost rivals my relation to it. Go to my post entitled ìthe storyî and read it, and then read the comments. Iíd link to it, but thereís really no way to right now. I think itís on page 4. Anyway, it just blows me away.

Honestly, Iíd like to see more people leaving notes in the comments section here. It would be great to know how many people we are reaching. When you sell records, or play live shows, you get this sort of immediate gauge of the degree of contact being made. In this case, itís a little harder. I mean, I know that I can look to see how many people have looked at the site…but that’s different. All you need to say is I heard it, and Iíll be happy.

I’d even be happier if we start some conversations here. Like a feedback loop. ha!

thanks for listening,


I heard this. [ web site ]

may 20th, 2003

I'm packing for a trip, an 8-day trip, and I hate packing. I get really freaked out that I'm going to forget something. But I'm listening to the March/03 thing, and I'm just packing, not freaking. This is a good thing! Music has power to soothe the savage beast, even the beast within me.

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