muted tones

october 02

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september 13th, 2002

this is from an email i wrote to the Tiny Hairs about a dream i had after I saw them play last week.

“the show on sunday was spectacular. i had a dream that night that you guys all had a barbecue, but you wouldn’t let me come because my sunhat wasn’t big enough. chuck was on a lake in a rowboat with a bullhorn having a conversation with jonathan, who was doing the grilling. but he was grilling shoes. and chuck couldn’t hear him yelling back so he just kept saying “what? what’s that jonathan?” …but through the bullhorn. Peter and John and Jim were all standing next to the keg with those “yard of beer” glasses…but the keg was only giving up apple juice and they were all blaming Mark. But Mark was busy trying to get the rattlesnake off his leg with a butter knife and he wasn’t listening.”

*please note that the above picture is a BULLHORN action figure. I’m sorry that the quality is so poor that you cannot tell whom it is.*


mike piontek

september 20th, 2002

so how does g.i. joe fit in with all this? do the tiny hairs have kung fu grip? are they working on an action figure line?

also, i am unsure of whether this was a dream like you have when you're sleeping, or the other kind of dream, as in something you really hope to do one day.


september 20th, 2002

1. it's BULLHORN. as in, what chuck was using in my dream manifested in a g.i. joe character. BULLHORN.

2. and then, both dreams became one. and i experienced harmony. stillness. zen.


september 20th, 2002

3. the tiny hairs do have kung-fu grip. and aren't you jealous?

4. they aren't working on an action figure line, but if they did, i would buy every single piece in the collection.


september 20th, 2002


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